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9 Signs Your Baby Is Actually An Evil Scientist Who Wants to Take Over The World

1) You get the feeling that she’s always planning an escape.

2) Her hair is magically changing color.

3) She spends a lot of time reading.

4) She performs cruel experiments on frogs.

5) Bad things happen when her demands aren’t met.

6) She has an evil laugh.

7) You found a series of headshots for an “about the author” section of what will surely be her evil manifesto.

8) She just looks crazy.

9) You found a meme on your computer.

If your baby is exhibiting any of these signs, it’s probably too late for you  Her plan for world domination is already in effect.

Wait a minute…..

No!  She’s just a baby.  Look at how much she loves that wooden spoon!


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