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One Year Old

I think that I should probably just give up trying to explain how my kids make me feel. My whole little family, really – my kids, my husband – big picture stuff.

I’m completely overwhelmed with beauty and love.

Several times over the last year we have been reminded of how fragile life can be. Tragedy is all around us. I say that not to be morbid, but to reaffirm for myself and for you as I write this how important it is to appreciate what you have. What you love. What you’ve made.

One year ago, our beautiful Violet arrived gently into the world. Unassuming from the beginning, she took her place in our family and then took her time revealing her personality to us – sweet, playful, fearless, affectionate, focused, with a fiery temper and fierce determination.

1 Year!

Violet, like her sister, humbles me every day. Her innocence makes it so easy to live in the moment.

We absolutely adore you, little beast. We’re so glad you’re here. Happy Birthday!

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