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Two Years Old

Today my baby girl, my firstborn, my darling Willow is two years old.IMG_0100


The other day I was organizing her dresser.  Old clothes out, new clothes in.  As I folded away everything that said 18 months, I realized that in a few days we would no longer count months.  I lifted one more set of pajamas out and underneath them was a small plastic bag containing a lock of Willow’s baby hair.  It was brown.20130305_142026



How I ache for her body to be tiny again, just for a moment.  Just so I could hold her all of her against my chest.

People ask us, “Is she always this happy?”  “Is she this good-natured all the time?”

She is.

The first 6 weeks of Willow’s life, beginning with her birth, were without question the darkest and most painful of mine.  I look at her, this golden girl, this product of all that hurt and I am humbled again and again and again and again.  As someone who has a tendency to gravitate toward the darkness, she is a ray of the brightest light that shines on me every day.

We love you, our sweet, funny, beautiful angel.  Everything is better because of you.  Happy, happy birthday!


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